Essential Elements for Building a Profitable Subscription Revenue Business

The Kloudreadiness On-Demand Cloud Business Builder program combines a lightweight video series with a SaaS-based assessment platform with a tools & content library that will enable you to hit your cloud and subscription-based revenue and profit objectives.

  • Cloud Revenue Producer Best Practices

    Five (5) best practices to get the most profit from your subscription services

  • Strategy & Business Planning

    Understand where to take your business and why. Is this the right time and direction for your business?

  • Financial Modeling

    Understand shifts in revenue, gross profits and EBITDA. Tools for cash flow and investment planning.

  • Marketing 2.0

    Marketing is the new sales. Effective inbound strategies. How to increase your sales funnel 5X-7X.

  • Sales Model & Sales Compensation Plan

    What's the right sales mix? How do you incent your team to drive consistent subscription revenue? What's the right structure to create predictable growth?

  • Solution Packaging & Pricing

    What's the right go-to-market strategy? How do you reach your blend margin targets? How do you bundle?

  • Business Valuation Workshop

    Understand the valuation landscape, multiples and triggers.

  • Business Model Canvas

    Utilize this business model framework to map out the essential components of your profitable cloud and subscription-based business model.

Now Is the Time to Get Serious About Your Cloud & Subscription Business

It’s likely, that for you, business has never been better. But are you finding that margins have been decreasing over time, forcing you to grow revenue faster to achieve the same net income? Now is the time to make key changes to your business, while things are going well, to enable you to thrive and profit in the subscription-based economy that will continue to expand over the next twelve to twenty-four months. Now you can leverage the KloudReadiness On-Demand Cloud Business Builder Program to reposition your business to capture the opportunity over the coming months and years ahead. Tap into the platform to create your specific action plan to close the gaps and access a set of tools to put your plan into action.

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  • PAUL CRONIN  //  CEO, Apogee IT Services | Partner & Executive VP, Atrion Networks
    Build a "Managed Cloud" recurring revenue model... This training provided us with the assessment, analysis and direction we needed to create the foundational elements of a strong subscription-based recurring revenue business model that helped us accelerate our cloud revenue.
    PAUL CRONIN // CEO, Apogee IT Services | Partner & Executive VP, Atrion Networks
  • ETHAN SIMMONS   //  Managing Partner, Pinnacle Technology Partners
    Uncovered gaps that hinder your ability to quickly ramp cloud revenue… Pinnacle was founded with the vision to create a solid subscription-based revenue model. This training enabled validation of our core business capabilities and uncovered some gaps that would have hindered our ability to quickly ramp cloud revenue.
    ETHAN SIMMONS // Managing Partner, Pinnacle Technology Partners
  • BART GRAF   //  Co-Founder & Principal, Managing Partner, Integration Partners
    Get a jumpstart and validate your approach towards developing a subscription-based business model… Integration Partners (IPC) is committed to creating a solid cloud services business and developing a subscription-based revenue stream that will have a significant effect on the value of our business. We were progressing, but not fast enough. KloudReadiness’ assessment platform and tools library allowed us to step back and recalibrate our approach towards creating a strategy and plan that put us the fast-track to subscription revenue growth.
    BART GRAF // Co-Founder & Principal, Managing Partner, Integration Partners

Q. I've seen this same program offered through a vendor, why should I buy it here?

A. Many vendors and distributors do leverage our platform to help their partners make the biggest business model shift in history, which is to move to a solid subscription-based business model.

If you have the opportunity to work with an innovative and forward-thinking vendor or distributor who offers our solution to help you – go for it!

Q. How long will I have access to this platform?

A. You will have lifetime access to the platform so that you can work at your own pace, and make the changes to your business on your own timeline. As you progress you'll want to come back to the program and reassess your strategy, track your progress and fine-tune your plan. Having unfettered access to the KloudReadiness OnDemand platform puts you in control of how and when you choose to transform your business.

  • Jeff Klaubert // VP Sales & Marketing, Estes Group, Inc.
    We were struggling to grow our cloud ERP business for several years and just couldn't figure out what was wrong. KloudReadiness helped us understand the need for a dedicated team that was accountable for this part of our business. That also enabled our core team to stay focused on our core business. Not only is did we finally start making traction in the cloud ERP space, we saw additional growth in our core business as well because that team is no longer distracted.
    Jeff Klaubert // VP Sales & Marketing, Estes Group, Inc.

Now Is the Time to Get Serious About Your Cloud & Subscription Business

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